Supporting EXTREME Loads With Complex Tension Design

Poly Bridge 2 Part 96 - world 3 of master mode begins! We see jumps, dangles, drawbridges, and large bridges that support heavy cargo. Can we support a dump truck that weights 10x the weight of normal dump trucks?
Edited by: BenBenRanger ( BenBenRanger)
Poly Bridge 2 is the sequel to the hit indie bridge building game Poly Bridge. Poly Bridge 2 introduces new mechanics such as strong roads and springs. Explore new levels, with new vehicles, and a new deterministic physics engine. Enjoy more bridge building fun!
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  • Learning clever bridge designs via Poly Bridge? Who could've imagined?

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    • When’s the next the walking dead bridge building episode

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    • *P O M E G R A N A T E*

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    • Hey look I'm in the video at 5:02 wow so cool

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    • Sadly,people are too much of a fool to pay for engineering schools while they could just buy poly bridge 2.

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    • That's clearly against the spirit of the game.

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  • *i w i l l n o t t o l e r a t e p o m e g r a n e t s l a n d e r i n t h i s c h a t r o o m .*

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    • Yeah I dunno why his phone randomly starts playing videos..? But anyway shut the fuck up tyler💁

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  • 4:35 I resent that, in print its libel

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  • on the "but the dump truck is american" and was 100 pg as an american I can confirm that we're fat

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  • ah yes, end of the world anchoring very common strategy in nova days constructions

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  • Can we get aliensrock and realcivilengineer to do a colab

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  • Pomegranate Lives Matter.

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  • Oh the pomegranite guy made it into the video. First time in someone else's video.

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  • Nostalgic fruit for me , Pomegranates are the best

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  • weight 100

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  • Thought this was a good way to come down from my high after watching Biden's acceptance speech. Ah, those soothing Aliensrock tones...

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  • Ayyy he likes pomegranates he is now my faverite youtuber

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  • who edits these?

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  • I just watched every single Poly Bridge and Poly Bridge 2 video from aliensrock in about a month. I need a life

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  • where you find this level?

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  • Just make every joint a split joint that do nothing it won’t break from boats

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  • You need to hire a hit on this bitch

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  • 4:46 Jamming springs into your bridge is some sort of "using intelligence" !!

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  • During NNN I don't want to be thinking about extreme loads

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  • day 100! of telling Tyler I want to give him a hug because of his daily uploads. HE REPLIED ON DAY 66 :)

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  • Again, the reason the break at the end didn't count is that the truck hit the flag before the break occurred. You need not worry about breaks AFTER all vehicles hit their flags.

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  • If you stack a bunch of bridge building supplies together over a gap, and compress the top so its flat, does it count as a bridge? Also, P O M B E G R A N T

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  • I’m making tacos

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  • Anchoring at the edge of the world is cheese not cheating

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  • **I will not tolerate pomegranate slander in this chatroom**

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  • "Refs didn't see it" made me lol.

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  • I learned you can relieve pressure or tension on a road by building a wood muscle around it, then replacing the middle wood with a spring. Compress the spring for tension relief, or stretch the spring for pressure relief.

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  • Pomegranates are the best

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  • this was a fun stream

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  • I want Tyler's extreme loads ; )

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    • uwu

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  • What is a lode?

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  • Ni.ce

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  • "I will not tolerate pomegranate slander in my chatroom" Me: oh boy I cant wait to see the pomegranate hate in the comments

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  • Is it only me or is the way he says "buuut" is cringy as fuck?

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  • Do you have an editor, or are you just having fun with it?

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    • His editor Ben in referenced in the description

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  • "The dump trum is American" Funny Russian noises

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    • @Tlaloc_Temporal I can see why youd think that

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    • @JESTA! -- Ah, I thought the Russians were laughing at the American inability to make vehicles work.

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    • @Tlaloc_Temporal what I meant is that Russians laugh at the American obesity Just in case u didnt get what I meant

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    • American dump trucks are heavier, Russian dump trucks are heavier, consume rivers of diesel, and will continue running through the apocalypse.

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  • Thank you.

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  • I like how he says maaaaaster moode

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  • Just in case you didn’t know, this was made by about 20 people.

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    • what was

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  • Tyler's hairline is like his undone bridge levels, slowly vanishing away.

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  • Thanks Tyler! I really dig this video!

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  • The video title kinda sus

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  • I really dig this video!

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  • I just love the "BUUuUuUUT"

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  • Is Tyler asleep right now? I think they are Pomegranate Slander

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  • 8:27 ... point

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  • Day 16 of asking Aliensrock to play "Ori and the blind forest"

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  • Love the edits #NoToPomegranateSlander

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  • The fact that the word *But* is always made with a face shot.

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  • 5:48 That should have actually said "Australian." Seriously, our mining trucks are MONSTERS! What, you think you have big trucks over there? HAH! Don't me laugh!

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    • @GreyMaria I didn't miss that joke, actually... Though in a weird way, my point still retains factual correctness. (You'd be amazed how obese Australia really is.)

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    • The joke is Americans are fat. You might have missed that joke flying by, since you're literally under the world.

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  • *Buut

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  • “That extra $20 did not go far”

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    • feeling nice, might give bridge budget a twenty idk

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  • If you've ever thought about it, overlapping arches are theoretically immensely structurally sound - they're just also massive and expensive. Tension bridges are also stupidly strong because, well, cables are, so combining the two works great. The arch has to be good for that to work, however, that dented and dipping nonsense does far more harm in stability than good in budget. Also don't you remember my lesson on why cable muscles work but overlapping cables have less effect? How the central joint in the duel cable makes it not take effect until it catches an already-collapsing bridge that previously also broke a cable in that same position, but muscles have both evenly loose so they both take the weight? Also you really built two massive hydraulic muscles and then were surprised when it ended up over budget immediately?

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    • Haha nerd It's just a joke

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    • mans seems pissed jesus they shouldve paid you to wright the declaration of independence.

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    • I like your funny words magic man

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    • Well he did point out the fact that the 2 diamonds are costly but he was getting somewhere with them

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    • That was a dissertation jesus

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  • On the last bridge, everything was getting stressed because you had the supports and roads meeting at a single joint. That joint ends up being a pivot point if the bridge is heavy enough

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    • Smort

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  • When you will remake baba is you ?

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  • “Refs didn’t see it that’s a win” -Tyler 2020 Inspiring football players all around the nation

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  • aliensrock

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  • You caused my computer to bluescreen. Yet I still came back to watch it again.

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  • “Ya know what? We could just build more bridge” -Tyler, 2020

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  • Do more battle royals

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  • New editor?

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  • Nobody: Polybridge Devs: let’s make the dump truck American

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    • You know that Master Mode is unofficial and made by fans?

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  • Liked just for the based opinion on pomegranates, the bridge game is just a bonus!

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  • Bridgje

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  • pomegranates suck

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  • Now thats a *real* 'Murican dump truck.

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  • Level 3-2 missed the opportunity to make the description: 'Budget is much higher BUT So is the bulldozer'

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  • Anchoring the bridge to the edge of the world? Illegal? Nonsense, this is done in real life all the time.

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  • A bit of a disappointment actually, sad bridge noises.

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  • What ever happened to Kerbal?

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  • Every year, 2.7 million indivdual pomegranates get harvested and consumed. With just 3 cents a day, we can end pomegranate suffrage.

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  • I’m noticing a distinct local of blooms monkey city ERM remix in the background. You clearly stated that you would be using it in every video. I’m frankly disappointed in you.

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  • Would it be better if a tension bridge had fully stretched on parts of the cable.

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  • Pomegranate rights

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  • . But . The dump truck is American *SHOWS 100 POLYGRAMS* . Me: I'm my eyes all I see is *INSULT 100*

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  • 4:00 I mean, if your gonna cheat, cheat cheaply

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  • "Can we support a dump truck that weights 10x the weight of normal dump trucks?" I dunno, let's ask Popcorniosaurus!

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  • As an American I can confirm that our average weight is 100 polygrams

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  • man. the video does not convey how long it felt like you were struggling with that dump truck. it may have been 30 min but it felt so much longer

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  • U should see EUNICE’s lowest stress bridges

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  • Ahh yes! The good old face zoom. Thanks editor.

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  • "honestly, I feel like this should be reinforced better, but it's fine, I guess" - words you definitely want to hear from a bridge engineer

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    • Do you want safety or adrenaline?

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  • i wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller I wish I had a girlfriend friend that looked good so I could call her

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  • still part 96?

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  • Cheating nah I like to think it’s creative construction

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  • "The dump truck is American" *_SEVERAL PEOPLE ARE TYPING..._*

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  • I wonder what stress the heavy truck bridge would get if a normal car went over it, or what is the lowest stress possible????????

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    • @Clark Journeay :0 true

      vjrobinsonvjrobinson2 kuukautta sitten
    • if u dont even build a bridge, the stress is technically 0

      Clark JourneayClark Journeay2 kuukautta sitten
  • Couldn't you have just reused the hydraulic instead of yousing the fourth one?

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  • Tyler is a part of pomegranate gang 💪💪💪

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    • aaaa scary camo regrow red

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